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PD - the feeling of emptiness in the stomach ameliorated by food

      - “The desire for chicken, coffee, sweets and fruit”

      - “The feeling that the nourishment in the stomach are digested too fast and the apparition of an emptiness in the stomach doubled by the feeling of coldness”

     - The desire for spicy nourishment and a little oily”

DP - stomach cramps


CO - “the feeling of an empty in stomach”

      - “Low tide gastro-oesophageal at bent forward, lying down, eructations”

      - Stomach ache sometimes like a ball also after lunch”

DP - pains under the form of burn at the stomach level in the afternoon” (13-16 on the 2nd and the 6th day)

DNA - “pains as cramps at the stomach level; painful hunger”

         - “Sometimes the feeling of heaviness in the stomach after I ate”

MLL - “abdominal pains on the superior level like cramps, non-ameliorated by food, aggravated in movement and associated with painful hunger” on the 18th day

IO - “I have a pain in my stomach due to hunger”

NL - “pains, stomach twinges”


PD - “gastric pains diminished”

DNA - “epigastria pains before lunch and slightly after; “the feeling that I have a stone in my stomach during and after lunch”

CS - “stomach aches like a twinge” since the 6th day of proving after which they stopped

ML - stomach aches since the 2nd and 3rd day of proving

CO - “the feeling of a stone in stomach ”

      - “Stomach aches after lunch like burns”

      - “Painful emptiness in the stomach an hour after lunch”

      - “Sourness after lunch during the first days of administration which moves from the stomach to the mouth”

      - “Nausea after beer and wine”



DP - “discomfort at the liver level after pressing or sitting on the side with the liver”


OMD - At the first proving:

          - Liver discomfort since the 3rd until the 7th day

          - Inflammatory pain in the area of the appendix aggravated by movement, ameliorated on the supine position and heat since the 6th day until the 8th

At the second proving:

         - Only liver discomfort without nausea and appendicitis reaction

GV - pelvis congestion during the menstruation

CO - pain like a cut around the waist non-ameliorated by the release of the belt but by physical effort, followed by an emission of flatus during the first day of the second proving

       - Pelvic pains sometimes like a twinge or knifes at the level of the lower abdomen especially during the menstruation

       - Pains at the level of the liver and the gall bladder

ST - pelvic abdominal flatulence with flatus

GO - slight abdominal flatulence

RDN - pulsating pains in the liver area

DP - discomfort at the liver level on the 3rd day

DRC - the feeling of weight at the gall and liver on the 3rd day

         - Slight pain of a few seconds in the abdomen on the lower side where I had my uterine duct affected by piosalpynx

          - Flatulence on the 14th day

DNA - discomfort at the level of the right hypochondrias part

         - Emphasis of flatulence

CL - live pain in the liver area on the 3rd day of proving;

      - Abdominal distended with flatulence

NLG - pains in the inferior abdomen cramps, pressure, weight from outside on the inside, accentuated by the menstruation.


DNA - discomfort at the liver level

         - Slight pelvis pains on the first day of menstrual cycle

ML - accentuation of flatulence and cramps starting with the 20th day of proving

      - Slight nausea during the proving

      - The feeling that the urinary bladder pulsates on the 7th day of the proving

CO - the feeling of transversal cut pain on the 2nd day and pricks on the 4th day, over umbilical feeling and muscle fever

       - Pains at the level of the gall bladder plus pricks

FL - slight pain in the liver gall area with the ease of the feeling of burns in certain points on the meridian VB” (the patient practices acupuncture)



RD - defecation more abundant than before

DP - soft defecation in the morning


CO - soft defecation reduced during the first days of the first proving

      - Sticky, soft and light coloured defecation in the first days of the second proving

     - Accentuation of flatulence appeared in both proving

     - Pains as burns and then anal itch

GO - diminish and then accentuation of flatulence

      - Diminished defecation

RDN - 3 defecation in a half a day (on the 4th day of proving) then 1 defecation per day and absent on the 19th day

SV – 2 - 3 soft defecation in the second day of proving

RDC - reduced defecation since the 2nd day

        - Accentuated flatulence

DNA - defecation at each urinary elimination in the first days and then began to appear once a day or in two days time

       - Accentuated flatulence

CL - abdominal meteors with flatus on the 10th day

GS - lighter colure defecation

IP - accentuation of flatulence


CS - diarrheic defecation with nausea and vomiting

ML – change of the defecation period from morning to afternoon

CO - tear dropping and rhynoreea after the defecation

      - Very soft defecation

      - Flatulence



VNS - “slightly increased diuresis” on the first day of the administration of the remedy

PD - “increase of the diuresis without increasing the liquids volume”

RD - “at the beginning a more imperious need to urinate, more often, small quantities of hypochromous urine then the accentuated feeling to urinate disappeared (the prover suffering of prostate adenoma/ADK)


TC - the frequency of the urination extremely diminished (only 2 times until 4 p.m.) it usually was 10 times since the 5th day of proving

     - Swelling of hands and feet after the 11th day of proving

GV - weight gained in the inferior members, they swell and retain water.

CO - urinary smartness since the 12th day of the first proving from the 17th day on the second proving

GO - diminishing of the diuresis despite the fact that I sometimes drank liquids

DO - kidney pains which moves from one to the other on the 16th day of proving

  - Urinary smartness from the 4th day

SV - renal colic with urinary smartness; frequent and imperious urinations with pains from the 3rd day which eventually calmed on the 10th day after scobutil and papaverine.

RDC - pains like a pressure at the level of the right kidney, little and often urination with strongly smelling since the 16th day of proving

         - The patient noticed the diminishing of the diuresis

CL - 3 imperious urinations during the night of the 6th day, lumbar pains

IP - increased diuresis

NLG - special discomfort during the urination

TM - “pains at the level of the kidneys caused by a fear”


DNA - “accentuation of the diuresis both numerically and quantitatively”

ML - “the feeling that the bladder is crackling on the first day of the proving, charged very quickly, then only the feeling of painful bladder caused by emotional states”

CO - in the first night of proving the patient awoke three times to pee which means that the diuresis increased at least since at the beginning of the proving

FL - frequent urination four times a night in the second part of the night and on the second day of proving



BC - augmentation of breasts, slightly painful and firm

      - Diminishing the interval between the menstruations from 25 days to 15 days, after that the breasts regain their initial form.

TC - the patient is at menopause and noticed the disappearance of buffers and as she was very warm like, she had the feeling of cold interior and blushing of the face on the 5th day of proving

GV - lumbar pains on the first day of menstrual cycle.

       - Left ovary pains with irradiation to the uterus like a twinge, with shivers

       - Small vaginal bleeding a week before the menstruation

CO - the interval between the menstruations reduced in the first month at 3 weeks then regulated at 28 days, lasted only 5 days as compared to 9-10 days how was in the past, and the bleeding was quantitatively diminished, inferior abdomen pains, ovary, predominant right ovary, were present after the menstrual cycle and not before during the first 3 days

       - “Multi orgasmic sexual contacts with state of clarity and mental rest”

       - Zit/pimple between the labials with itch

GO - “diminishing of sexual desires as the projections with sexual character diminished as well”

RDN - “the feeling of excitement, but immaterialised on the 2nd day of proving

          - Sex with a high quantity of sperm on the 6th day

RDC - sex without vaginal smartness which I usual had because of the atrophic vaginal affection

DNA - I felt more satisfied after the sexual contact

         - The feeling of more congested uterus during the menstruation, with left inguinal pains (where I have an ovary cyst and uterine fibroma)

       - More watery menstruation, without clots (like the lohias after birth)

CL - the menstruation came 5 days later (as it appears 25 days)

      - Diffuse pains with a left breast piquancy character since the 15th day

IP - heat and pain under the form of twinge in the genitals area

NLG - more reduced menstruation (the entire period) as usual

         - Irritation, inflammation in the genitals area


EV - the menstruation appeared at 26 days

       - The quantity of blood was reduced as usual

       - The breast pain reinstalled which disappeared for a while

       - Stabilized after proving

DNA - the menstrual blood was very violet, a colour I’ve never had before

         - Pelvis discomfort on the first day of menstruation

         - More abundant menstruation

         - Accentuation of anal and vaginal itch as well as of the secretion that I had (aggravated recent symptoms)

         - Urination at the same time with the defecation

ML - ovary pains especially on the right side accentuation of the pelvic pain during menstruation and tension inside the breasts

CO - reddish bleeding, more abundant, between the 5th and the 9th day; ovary pains on the right side, pelvic pain under the form of knifes or flashes



GV - cough with minimum expectoration

       - Twinges between ribs (she had an old Pahipleuritics)

CO - the feeling of thoracic pressure, with difficult in breath.

      - Cough with difficult expectoration sometimes painful, aggravated at forward bent, ameliorated during the night.

GO - the feeling of pulmonary congestion at the beginning

       - State of heaviness at the level of lungs

RDC - the feeling of pressure on the chest or worse like influenza breaks out on the 5th, 8th and 9th day

IO - heavy respiration with dry cough because a viscous expectoration and corked nose since the first days

TM - pressure in the chest area with respiration difficult


ML - before proving, the patient had the feeling of difficult respiration due to emotional state, but since the first day of proving she stated that she started having a normal respiration which didn’t disturb her anymore.



CO - pricks between the ribs upright the heart at the second proving

       - Very acute chest pain like a boot pressure on the stern, forces the trunk to rise in order to breathe on the first day of proving

RDC - very short pricks, but painful in the heart area when bending over on the 19th, 20th and 21st day

CL - pain at the left breast level

IP - heat in the area of the breast glands

NLG - nocturnal breast pains


ML - pains at the level of breasts, accentuation of tension in the breasts

EV - breast pain

CO - tension in the breasts, predominantly right, aggravated at walking and arm lifting



GS - pulsations in the 2nd day of proving

      - Ecophene US

      - Growth of arterial tension


TC - an hour and a half after the administration “I felt my heart beating”

GV - hypertension

GS - palpitations

CO - palpitations at anxiety

DP - I felt that my heart was beating faster

RDC - “pressure on the heart and eructation after eating grapes” on the first day of proving

        - Pain in the veins of the right pulp when standing on the 2nd and 3rd day of proving (where the patient had a posttraumatic bruise)

IO - pricks, pressures, cardiac discomfort which she had before proving they diminished during proving, appearing more rarely

IP - “heat in the hands and legs”, so an activation of the peripheral circulation system

    - “Heat above the heart muscles”


ML - before proving, she had frequent palpitations with the feeling of pressure on the stern area calmed by a tranquilliser:

           - On the first day of administration:” slight feeling of emptiness when taking the pills”

            - On the second day of administration: “the feeling of light hands; as if I was floating”

            - On the third day of administration: “the chest pain decreased appearing more often after eating”

            - On the fifth day of proving: “the pain is gone”

         - On the 28th day of proving she had palpitations until 4 a.m. in the morning

CO - “pricks, then retro stern pressure around 12:40 since the 2nd day of proving”

       - “Anxiety at the chest level with palpitations and dizziness on the 5th day”

PD - “the palpitations from the adolescence reappeared”



DP - lumbar-sacral pains diminished


OMD - accentuation of an inter scapula-vertebral pain at the half of the right scapula since the first day which lasted for a few days (recent symptom aggravated)

           - Lumbar pain at menstruation (old symptom aggravated)

GV - bilateral scapula pains

CO - pricks at the basis of left posterior lung (left sub scapula) (area of points VB, F, SP, S on the VU meridian)

       - Lumbar and sacral coccyges pains

RDC - pain like a pressure under the right scapula on the 7th, 9th and 10th day

         - Back pain on the 4th day

DNA - coccyges pains

CL - bilateral lumbar pains on the 6th day with urgent urinating on the 7th, 18th and 22nd day before menstruation; ameliorated by heat

MLL - pain under the right scapula with twinges aggravated when breathing deeply since the 10th until the 21st day (in the alarm points of F, VB, and SP, S from VU meridian)

IO - backbone pains like a burn on rainy day and low pressure, at bent, standing, is ameliorated once in a while

IP - twinges between scapulas

NLG - accentuated lumbar pains before menstruation


CO - accentuation of a lumbar pain predominantly right that the patient was about to cry especially on the 19th day

-         Inter scapular vertebral twinges



PD - movement non-coordination - I drop objects from my hand as if it were too weak to hold objects


SS - palms blushes on the first day

TC - hand nails are very fragile and the hands are swollen since the 20th day of proving

       - Left shoulder pain

GV - disappears the numbness between fingers four and five of the left hand.

IIN - left shoulder pains with scapula and scruff aggravated at movement.

CO - clumsiness in grabbing small objects (they slip through my fingers)

       - Left hand wrist pains in the first day of the second proving.

       - Meta- carp- phalange articulation pain of the right hand in the first day of proving]

        - I easily get my hands injured.

DNA - Meta carps and inters phalanges articulation pains predominantly left hand

         - Pains as pricks between the meta-carps bones 2 and 3 anterior to left hand proximal meta carp phalange articulation.

RE - around 1:30 - 2:00 a.m. articulation pain or in the bones in the right shoulder then in the left one with irradiation towards the ribs and clavicles, which also appeared 3 weeks before only then they were more accentuated and gave in unto morning and never appeared again.


EV - the feeling of skin smartness in the area of middle phalange of the 3rd finger from the left hand and the lateral internal area under the little finger of the right hand

DNA - the feeling of spraining of the proximal phalange articulation of the 3rd finger left superior member (terminal of VS meridian)

CO - left-hand wrist pain and sometimes right

FL - slight numbness on the left hand between the fingers 1, 2, 3 up to the elbow and the shoulder



ISM - knee pains rapidly diminished


TC - heel pains that at the beginning of the proving disappeared then they appeared again

     - Thigh pains or other articulations with smaller intensity;

     - The feeling of stiffness in the foot, ankle and calf much diminished than usual;

     - The pain in the left thigh which appeared after the menopause completely disappeared during this proving and afterwards.

CV - heaviness in the inferior members.

IIM - on the 13th day left knee pain ameliorated in the lay down position;

       - On the 12th day right hip pain aggravated by the weather change;

       - On the 11th day right sole pain when walking.

CO - right thigh pains like a clench;

      - Left heel flashing pain;

      - Right ankle pain then both ankles;

      - Crush like pain on the dorsal part of the feet and superior to the right knee;

      - Pain behind the right kneecap more acute at descending than ascending.

ST - painful muscular startles in the left thigh at the 6th administration of the remedy.

RDC - left calf short pain where she had a bruise, on the 2nd and 3rd day of proving

DNA - pains like pricks between the left foot 1 - 2 metatarsals

         - Right thigh articulation pain.

GS - easiness at movement.

NLG - knee down feet pain, in the right part, with slight pains of the sciatic nerve.


CO - the feeling of sudden weakness in the thighs; the feeling that my feet just softened.

FL - twinges and painful discharges on the left foot from knee down crossed in diagonal on both parts, either in the sacral-iliac area towards the knee (area of VB, F meridians)

      - Calf cramps

      - Accentuation of knee and hip area pains, with muscular rigidity more obvious at the beginning then diminished



BC - little swellings like little mosquito pricks on the face, neck, back with a slight itch and smartness when touching and scratching. They appeared on the 7th day of proving and disappeared on the 11th day of proving. They reappeared after a month and disappeared in 2-3 days

TC - accentuations of the itch between the left foot toes

IIN - the feeling of little skin pricks like those from an insect (she suffered from red micro vesicular eczemas that appeared on the hip skin and on the breasts area

CO - I noticed that all the wounds healed faster;

      - Scalp and left foot little finger itch at night (accentuation of the mycosis)

GO - “sensitivity at armpit sweat like I’ve never had before”

      - The armpit skin is red, presents plies as if the skin was under water for a long time and smarts very bad - I can’t tolerate my skin to be touched

RDN - three pimples on the right temple and two on the left

         - Brown spots on the face accentuated

NLG – fewer pimples.


EV - the pimples and red spots on the face and body accentuated a little

DNA - the eczema on the belly diminished a little

CO - itch at the level of the nose contact dermatitis; the dermatitis that healed 3-4 days after the proving started

      - Rapid healing of different coetaneous injuries.

      - Grouped vesicles that appeared on the lower lip and healed in a day


At the 7CH proving 10 persons have been solicited, only 8 notebooks are recovered belonging to 3 masculine persons and 5 feminine persons. Despite the fact that the potency is rather low, the majority of the reactions obtained were emotional (4 provers) from which half of them presented irritability and hypersensitivity states, and half of them emotional release and relaxation. Then followed the energetic reactions (3 provers) describing either an accentuated state of general well (1 prover) or initial fatigue and somnolence, then the state of general well is installing (2 provers). The same result had the renal reactions (3 provers) describing increased diuresis and 1 prover who had prostate problems, he obtained disappeared of urination trouble. Then followed the mental   symptoms ( 2 provers) in which had dominate the state of optimism and confidence that all will have a good finish and one prover had reactions of similimum with the feeling of “deja-vu” and reliving of an adolescence states which at that moment were the start point of specific affections. The same result had the stomach symptoms through appetite increase (painful hunger) the feeling of an empty stomach and that the nourishment is digested too fast, and the defecation was more abundant and softer than usual (2 provers) .Follows the reactions at the liver level (discomfort - 1 prover), genital reactions (1 prover), osteo-articular reactions (3 provers), throat with dryness sensation (1 prover), nose – watery  rhynoreea (1 prover), eye - burn feeling (1 prover), head – aches  accentuation (1 prover)

            At the 30CH proving 24 persons have been solicited from whom 23 notebooks are recovered belonging to 7 masculine persons and 16 feminine persons. The highest result of symptoms had the cephalic affection (19 provers), followed by the energetic state (17 provers) from which 13 provers presented a better physical tonus and only 4 provers complained of initial fatigue and somnolence then they also presented a better energetic condition. The emotional and appetite were ranked 3rd place in the symptomatic results. Emotionally, 14 provers described symptoms, 10 provers presented a better emotional control accompanied by a state of relaxation, 3 provers - accentuated nervousness, 2 persons - agitation, 4 persons - a depression at the beginning of proving and only 1 person - anxiety accompanied with fainting. As far as the appetite is concerned, 14 provers described symptoms, from which 9 persons presented an increase of appetite, and 2 persons a decrease of appetite, as before proving they had an exaggerated appetite, and 7 provers presented nausea symptoms. Up next there are subconscious symptoms described at 11 provers from which 5 provers had erotic dreams, 2 provers dreams about close deceased people or others dreams from the past. Still 11 provers had symptoms at the throat level, from which 7 provers - neck smartness, 3 provers - tonsils inflammation, 6 provers - throat secretions, 2 provers feeling of throat knob. 10 provers had reactions at the eye level, 6 persons describing ocular globs pains, 5 persons - smartness, 2 provers - the feeling of pressure, 4 provers - sight disturbances. Still 10 provers had symptoms at the abdomen level, 7 presenting liver and gall bladder pains, 4 provers - pelvis pains, 1 prover appendix pains, and 6 provers described an accentuation of flatulence.

From the mental point of view, 8 provers described symptoms, all of them presenting a calm condition, interior tranquillity and positive, but 3 provers didn’t since the beginning of proving, 7 provers having also a good disposition, 4 provers - detachment-relaxation, 3 provers - indifference, 3 provers had difficult concentration problems and giddiness at the beginning of proving, memory disturbances - 2 provers. At the osteoarticular system level, 8 provers presented pains as sub-scapular pains, 4 provers on the right and 2 provers on the left. Still 8 provers had renal symptoms 4 of the provers - decreased diuresis with water retention, 4 provers - urinary smartness and 4 provers - kidney pains.

At the level of the genitals, 8 provers presented symptoms which have generally been of menstruation period modification, of menstrual flow and aspect, disappearance of buffs at a prover who was experiencing menopause, more satisfied sexual contacts at 3 provers, aberrant and perverse sexual desires at 1 prover. One masculine prover, at the beginning, had a feeling of ejaculation, without materialization, then a sexual contact involving lesser sperm, and another who had precocious ejaculations problems and sexual desires exaggerated through mental projections, these were also diminished together with the mental projections.

At the level of inferior members, 7 provers presented symptoms that were articulation pains, and at some persons who suffered from this for a long time, they even healed.

Still 7 provers presented symptoms at the superior members level, like: shoulder pains (3 provers), left hand articulation pain (2 provers), and disappearance of numbness in the left 4, 5 fingers (1 prover), palm blush (1 prover), clumsiness in grabbing small objects (1 prover).

At the level of the cardiovascular apparatus, still 7 provers presented symptoms like: palpitations (4 provers), “I feel that my heart is beating faster” (3 provers), hypo tension (1 prover), and left calf veins pains (1 prover).

At the level of skin, 6 provers described symptoms: 3 provers - micro-papulous eczemas, erithematous, piquant at the face level, décolletage (2 provers), axils (1 prover), and exacerbation of feet mycoses at 2 provers, temple pimples eruption - 1 prover and an observation made by a prover that wounds, burns, eczemas heal very quickly.

At the level of the face, 7 provers presented symptoms: 3 provers - irritations around the mouth, 4 provers - face reddening with a hot feeling, 2 provers - temporal-mandible articulation pains, 1 prover - accentuation of brown spots on the face, 1 prover - the feeling of spider net, and then numbness at the right temple corner, temple and right ear. At the nose: 7 provers presented symptoms of chorizo with wathery secretion, alternating with a corked nose, smartness, sneezing, which appeared not only in the fall, but also in the summer.

At the ear level, 6 provers developed symptoms like: twinge - 3 provers, pressure - 3 provers, ecophene - 1 prover. 6 provers complained about defecation modifications: 4 of them experiencing an accentuation, and 2 a diminishment of the defecation. At the mouth level: 5 provers presented symptoms: metallic/unpleasant taste in the mouth (2 provers), irritation with bloom and tongue smartness (2 provers), more charged tongue (1 prover), easily bleeding gums and dental pains (3 provers), and at the stomach level 5 provers complained about painful hunger, the feeling that the nourishment is digesting too fast (3 provers), the feeling of a ball in stomach  (2 provers), of emptiness (2 provers), of painful cramp non-ameliorated by nourishment (2 provers). Finally, at the respiratory apparatus level, only 5 provers presented symptoms: 4 provers - feeling of thorax oppression and respiration difficulties, 4 provers - cough with/without expectoration and 3 provers - twinges between ribs under the form of pre-cordial pricks.

            At the 200CH proving 12 persons were selected from them only 9 notebooks were recovered belonging to 2 masculine persons and 7 feminine persons.

As expected, the symptomatic result was centred on mental-emotional symptoms where 7 provers presented symptoms like: feeling of dizziness and giddiness - 2 provers, floating, shallowness and fickleness feeling - 2 provers, good mental tonicity - 2 provers, positive and tranquil thinking - 1 prover, irritability, increased nervousness at the beginning of proving - 5 provers, loud talk - 2 provers, agitation - 2 provers, initial depression - 2 provers, disinterest, blasé - 2 provers, impatience, calm and good disposition  - 5 provers who, even if not installed from the beginning, came afterwards, and at one prover acted like a similimum giving him a state of interior balance, of self conciliation, relaxation, also appeared teenage emotional states which represented the beginning cause for the ulterior affections, greater affective and erotic availability, capacity to emphasize with those around, sensitiveness, the feeling that the environment is no longer hostile. 2nd place of the symptomatic results, there is the cephalic affections that were felt by 6 provers, under different forms. 3rd place are the symptoms at the eye, stomach and appetite level. At the eye level, 5 provers described symptoms like: accentuation of pains with fatigue towards the end of proving - 3 provers, “better rested eyes in front of the computer” at the beginning of proving - 1 prover, amelioration of eye smartness which they had before proving - 1 prover, eyelids fascicles - 1 prover, emphasis of superior eyelid swelling of the internal angle of the eye together with accentuation of the itch followed by amelioration then healing - 1 prover. At the stomach level 5 provers presented painful hunger symptoms with the feeling of nausea and weakness (5 provers) predominantly 10.30 - 11.00 and in the afternoon, nausea of beer and wine (1 prover), epigastric pains (4 provers), the feeling of a rock in stomach (2 provers), burn (2 provers), painful emptiness 1-3-4 hours after lunch - 2 provers, like a knife - 1 prover and an amelioration of pains - 1 prover (the one who presented similarity). At the abdomen level, 4 provers presented pains at the liver and gall bladder level with emphasis on flatulence, and 1 prover - pancreas level pains. At the renal apparatus level, 4 provers presented the increase of diuresis, at the genitals level, 4 provers described symptoms like: accentuated pelvic pains (3 provers), accentuation of breasts tension (3 provers), ovary pains predominantly right - 2 provers and left - 1 prover.

At the respiratory apparatus level, 2 provers presented an irritating cough and a feeling of throat tickling, and 1 prover who was breathing with difficulty before proving and a thorax pressure, after he was administered the remedy, he didn’t presented these symptoms anymore, ameliorating since the first day. Likewise, at the cardio-vascular level, 2 provers presented palpitations with a feeling of retro-sternal pressure, and at one prover who had them before they disappeared. At the osteo-articular level, 3 provers experienced an inter scapular-vertebral twinge, 2 provers - lumbar pains, 4 provers - left hand articulation pains, 2 provers - a feeling of weakness and inferior members pains.

At the skin level, was noticed quicker healing of wounds and eczemas - 2 provers, accentuation of itch at the face level - 1 prover, of pimples and red stains on the face - 1 prover? More abundant sweat at the head, neck, armpit and in area below the breasts - 2 provers.

At the throat level, 2 provers presented smartness with tickling, and 1 prover - pain and left sub-mandible ganglion swell. At the teeth level, 2 provers experienced the accentuation of pain and bleeding. At the nose level, only one prover presented discharge which alternated with nasal obstruction, itch, fascicle and ant feeling.

At the ear level, one prover had ecophene and left ear pains that descend to the mandible. From the subconscious point of view (dreams), 5 provers described symptoms, from which 2 provers had erotic dreams, and 2 - nightmares, 1 prover - dreams related to fording. Energetically, there are provers who presented good physical energy towards the end of proving or even from the beginning, 5 provers experiencing somnolence and fatigue at the beginning of proving, and 1 prover described a lack of energy more accentuated around 10.30-11.00 and in the evening 19.30-20.00

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