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Why is this proving for?

I firstly saw the plant in the summer of 1988 when I was in Paltinis waiting for the results of the exams to study at the Faculty of Medicine. I was walking around in the Cibin Valley when my sight was attracted by a small beautiful flower coloured in pink to violet. I took from the ground some of that flowers and I tried to plant them in front of the villa I lived. Immediately, a bad smell hit me. It was the smell of a washerwoman or of dirty cloths in a laundry. The plant did not survive too long in the place I moved it. Years later, I read about the plant in a phytotheraphy book when I was looking for some plants renowned for their effect in cancer therapy. That was the time when I found the name of the plant. Consequently, I tried to find it in specialised shops with herbals and natural products, but I could not find it. I was amazed that the plant is not well known. Later on, when I studied Homeopathy, I did not find anything about it in Synthesis9 Repertoire neither in the Materia Medica book. The plant looked to me as a very interesting one while it has a high level of toxic substances. As it is known, the most powerful homeopathic medicines are made of toxic substances. Considering all the above, I decided to produce this proving.

I considered that is important to present some of the impressions from the first experience with this plant while they will come up during the proving process.

            The plant is popularly named “bird eyes”, but scientifically is part of the GERANIACEAE species where we can find some other plants as: Geranium maculatum, Geranium graveolens and Geranium pratense.

            The “bird eyes” is an herbaceous plant, annual one, with a reddish hairy steam, long of 30 to 40 cm. The leafs are like palms with 3-5 foliole petiolates. Flowers are pink-violet, arranged two by two at the peak of pedunculelor. The fruit is in shape of beak, long of 2 cm, so that the plant had known like the “Beak of the crane” (by Greek word Geranium) and it’s near relation with Break of stork and Chelidonium.

She lives in wet place, about woods, near the stones and near the running waters by Europe, Asia and Nord and South America and she don’t like to be moved by her birth place, she die immediately.

Usually is useful whole the plant, which reap in time of bloom (July - august).

The therapeutic effects of the plant were discovered by the Saint Robert or Rupert.

The plant has the following elements: a bitter one (geraniline), alcohols, phenols, an essential oil with a very bad odour, and C vitamin.

The following effects are renowned in phytotherapy: anti-inflammation, anti-hemorrhagic, haemostatic, healing easy, anti-spastic, anti-diabetic, diuretic and anti-cancer.

Therefore,  the plant is used in ocular inflammation disorder, angina, amygdalitis , gingivitis, diaries, diabetics, renal infections with oliguria, anti gravel action, adenoma of prostate uterine fibromathosis, ovarian cists, disorders of sexual activity, internal hemorrhagic, and cancer.

From the homeopathic point of view, the proving was done to find out what are the human types that match the cure with this plant, in the most gentle and balancing possible way, in a long run. Moreover, the proving tried to find out how is the spirit of this plant.

                                                Material and Method

            The study was developed in more one stage, during a few periods of time and seasons (October 2003, august 2004, December 2004-January 2005 and March 2005) using different concentrations of active principles (7 HC, 9 HC, 30 HC and 200 HC).

There was selected a sample of adults representative for different ages and gender. However, there were slightly more females than males due to the fact that not many men were willing to experiment the substance.  

At first, there was developed the study based on the concentration of 30 HC (October 2003). The remedy was produced by Plant-Extract Cluj using the method of diluting the plant in a alcohol-based solution.

After a while, there were observed symptoms of flue and rheumatoid like, therefore, I decided to experiment again with the same dilution but in the summer time to observe if the symptoms are similar to those in autumn. Than, I want to test other dilutions produced with support from the Plant Extract which I thank very much. Every time I made a new proving, I kept some of the people involved in the previous one, especially those who strictly respected the rules or those who reported symptoms similimum with the remedy.  There were also invited new people to take part in the proving.

            The persons involved in the proving were asked to fill a  homeopathic history form , including the diseases and symptoms they had up to present, and to write a description of their health status every day, one week before the starting date of the proving in order to be awake of the changes during the proving time. They also received a paper with instructions regarding the proving, the homeopathic history form and a notebook where they had to write their status day by day and the name in initials.

The provers were asked to respect the time and rules for the proving and to stop taking the remedy in the case of deep changes in their status. However, I permanently kept contact with them by phone.

            In total, there were 37 persons with 7 recruited to participate in more than one stage of the proving. There were collected 44 notebooks, of which one is a male and one is a female who received pills with no active substances, they were the control persons. These two people wrote they have no changes in their health status after taking the remedy (with blind pills).

Meanwhile, I succeeded to have the remedy with the triturating until 3CH, than dilution and energizing to 30 HC, first time with support from the Remedia Pharmacy from Eisenstaedt – Austria, than preparing by my.     

Furthermore, I would like to continue with a comparative study between the simptoms of the 2 dilutions to identify differences in the two types of cure. By the time being, I had only 4 persons and the symptoms are confirmed until now. 

Proving for the Geranium Robertianum




            DP « pronounced fatigue at the beginning of proving, than I felt better »

            ISM – « a good health status »

                        30 HC

            SS – « an overwhelming energy, reddening palms in the first day of cure; a good energy in the following days. I do not feel tired or exhausted when I am doing my daily activities and providing treatment to others (this person is a bio therapist) »

            BC – « I mobilize me much better, I am doing better the activities; I feel like raising above the ground; I have a good energy as in my young age »

            TC –   « a good energy the entire day»;

«Abundant sweat with a bad odour in the next 9-10 days from the first cure »

« I felt cold during the night, even I feel warm most of the time»

« I felt cold inside of me and tremor from the first to the 13th day of taking the remedy »

            IR – « I felt revival to life in the first 10-14 days than I experienced a lack of energy and desire to enjoy of life »; « I feel very tired »

            GV –    At the first proving, she said “I feel like I can work a lot more "; at the second proving, she experienced a kind of weakness, dizziness in the first half of the days, « I do not feel cold anymore »

            CO – « I felt much better in the afternoon and in the evening “more energetic”; before taking the cure, I felt better and more energetic during the morning time

                        « Abundant sweat with a bad odour all over the body when involved in the second proving»

                        « Dizziness, almost falling on the street »

                        « More warm in the body (I did not have to wear socks when laying in the bad at night)»

            ST – « even it was a cold day; I did not feel it is »

                     « Sleepy at the beginning of the cure than I experienced a very good time for working »

            GO – « I felt cold inside the body without tremor »

                      «I have much energy and I am doing many activities without getting tired»

            DP – « a very good physical energy »

            SG – « a very good energy in the entire body »; « the tiredness and overworking disappeared»

            RDC – « temporarily feeling warm and having the sensation of getting cold at the same time»

            DNA – « I felt very good energetically; I had a very good physical energy»

            CL – « full of energy »

            RE – « irresistible sleepiness that passed after 15 minutes from taking the evening dosage of cure, the second day of the proving

            VM – "discrete tiredness" from the fifth day of proving; the person is a very energetic and working one

            IO –she feels has more energy. She did not go out the house for a long time. After 14 days from treatment with Geranium she succeeded to walk 5 km; moreover she starts reflex-therapy. “I am very well; I do not feel tired”.

            OC – « a pronounced tiredness in the first days from taking the first cure»

            IP - tiredness

            NL – a pronounced tiredness at the beginning of proving that passed after 10 days.

            TM - “impressive achievements in work, a lot of energy for work, and tiredness, feeling the need to rest more in the last days of the cure".

                        200 HC

            EV “very abundant sweat at the head, nape and under the breast almost permanently”

            DNA – “sensation of lacking the energy with a pick at the 10-11 a.m. and in the evening around 7- 8 a.m. alternating with days when fool of energy”.

            CS –   “morning and evening I felt like having a very heavy head (dizziness and headaches) “

            CO – dizziness at the head and neck, under the underarms and breasts; tiredness around 12:30 a.m.” 

            FL – “very sensible at odours”

-     Tiredness around 9 p.m. in the first day; she feels less tired in the days after.

MI – more energy for starting projects, at the beginning; tiredness and indifference in the 12th day from the beginning of the proving. 


7 HC

PD – « sensation of flying above the clouds; sensation of a very light body; sensation of “déjá vu” (already see and known); memories of happenings in the adolescence came out to live, especially those related to some diseases. She went again through the bad experiences in the adolescence. »

-     « being most of the time a dreamer »

-     « I did not perceived the environment as a hostile one

ISM – « trust and optimism that she will solve all the problems »

            30 HC

BC – « feeling very emotionally safe »

-     « I forgot some of my problems, I put some distance between me and my problems. I observed that I do not suffer very much for my problems, I feel more independent; »; « in 5 minutes after taking the remedy I felt much lighter inside of me »

-     « I can focus better than I did »

-     « I begin feel much stronger and I do not let to be sentimental manipulated”

TC – « I had the sensation that time is moving slower”

-     « I do not hurry so much, especially putting pressure on me”

ST – « I am very calm and tranquiller”

-     « I am in a good mood »

-     « I feel more relaxed »

            GO – « I lost the capacity to easy communicate without goods which upset other speakers; I have changed this way after I took Carcinozinum 200CH», « I was saying a lot of jokes in the 4th day of the proving »

-     «” I trust more and more in my force” »

-     « I have more psychological energy »

-     «lack of ability to focus, obnubilation, lassitude, a reactivity, I did not want to move, lack of motivation in the first days, due to a flu/ influenza –like»

-     « I had the sensation I can do more things »

RDN – « sensation of calm and tranquillity, around 2.30 p.m. in the first day of taking the remedy »

-     « .I felt very calm and tranquiller inside of me »

RDC – « sensation of calm, tranquillity, feeling capable to take decisions from the beginning to the end of proving (she was a very fragile person, worrying every time) »

-     « feeling like having nothing in mind in the 10th day from the beginning of proving. “

DNA – « focusing with difficult »

-     « decreasing the ability to pay attention to many things at once; decreasing the capacity to memorize”

-     « thoughts of sick, lack of interest to do anything in the first day alternative with days when I  focusing on whatever was doing, having determination, and being obsessed with organising things »

CL – « a very good mental health in the first day of the proving »

-« lack of interest and energy, a sensation of “mist in the brain”, from the 4th day, in the evening, to the 10th day.

-«difficulties to focus on what I did at the workplace; difficulties to adapt to the way of doing the activities at the workplace, from the second to the 9th day.   »

- Desire to walk through the people without being seen in the 17th day. »

GS – « feeling good »

IP – « lack of observation abilities and focusing »

TM – « being more creative and inspired to write poetry »

-  « a very impressive energy to do the activities at the workplace »

-  « a very positive and calm communication with people around »

- « being able to take correct and important decision, having trust in me»

            200 HC

DNA – « feeling like flying, being very tranquillest »

      -« sensation of being a different person; she felt like outside the body

-« sensation of being confused, lack of focusing, and ability to pay attention to many things at once »

-« desire of running to escape, to retire for the recovery »

-« being very weak when encountering a very stressful situation »

-« I forget some important documents to a governmental institution; I did the same with other things. »

-“after 7 days from the beginning of the proving, I was more calm, more indifferent, uncompromising with the people; I was able to focus and do better my activities.”

MT – « I saw myself superficial, lack of depth, needing no rules and responsibilities »

-     « I do not care that I have to go somewhere and I do not believe in what theirs say. »

-     « I have no worries. »

-     «I would like to speak bad words I usually do not like »

-     « I am absent-mindedly, taking decisions without analysing the situations I’m lack the feeling of being serious »

-     “I did not feel anything and I did not understand anything when praying. I felt without God! »

-     « after taking the remedy, I felt inferior, involution, undevelopment, without spirituality, very superficial, but a good person, without wickedness, almost childish. I named myself the remedy “LITTLE STUPID MAN”»

-     « negligence in dressing »

CS – dizziness in the first 3 days from the beginning of the proving

ML– before I took the remedy I was very much stressed and tens. Since the beginning of taking the remedy, I felt calmer, in a good mood, with positive thoughts.

MI – « more energy to develop different projects » in the third and 7th day from re-taking the remedy.

CO – «a very increased curiosity, for example I am going to the places I would not dare some other time»

PD – I felt calm and relaxed, accepting myself, in one hour from the beginning from the day I took the remedy.


7 HC

PD – « I felt angry and nervous and very sensitive to the external factors.

DP – « I felt very angry at the beginning of proving than more relaxed and in a good mood. »

CA – « I felt emotionally free »

ISN – « I do not stress myself anymore »


SS – « I felt agitated from the 3rd day to the 6th day of taking the cure, and in the last day of proving, when taken the last dosage. Except for those days, I felt very good, willing to communicate »

BC – « I trust myself much more, I feel more calm inside of me, I do not get angry, I do not lose my emotional control »

TC – before the proving she was very angry, yelling, throwing things to the floor. After taking the cure, she did not feel that angry, she feels in a good mood, she is not that upset as in the past. I feel calmer and tranquiller, I do not have that rush inside me, to the day 12 of the proving.

IR – « I felt depressed in the first day, I was almost crying without any reason. »

-     I do not have patience and I do not want to listen and solve the problems of others.

-     Even tired, in the evening, I speak much more than in the past and I am moving the hands.

-     I felt nervous and angry in the 10th day from the second proving.

GV – I felt depressed, I cried very easy, I felt desire to being protected and loved, something that I did not feel before the proving. 

- Jealousy,

- Abnormal sexual desires in the 6th day of proving.

-Psychical instability, I do not like speaking about dead people;

-I felt very dissatisfied in the first day of the second proving.

            GS – I was in a very good mood, I felt lighter.

             CO –I was more angry, I was more anxiously, more fear in the first day of the proving.

                  -Then I was upset for a while and I felt angry a bit,

-I did not fear darkness,

ST – I was in a good mood in the morning and in the afternoon, being almost depressed in the evening.

GO – in the first days, when I had the first signs of a flu I had the impression that someone else was instead of me, I had the feeling that I am flying »

-     I ’v done a lot of jokes since the 4th day of proving.

-     I did not felt anticipative anxious; probably the remedy was act light anxious with huge implications deep down the heart and soul;

-     I felt very melancholic in the second day.

DP – more calm and quiet, I had more control when getting angry, less violent.

            DNA – I felt more balance and relaxed, I discussed very calm and more focused

CL – I felt very nervous when wake –up in the second day, being more calm and in a good mood from the 8th day.

MLL – feeling very weak, almost like collapsing, sweating and being anxious and having emptiness state in my mind for 45 minutes from the moment I took first time the remedy.

IO – I felt more relaxed and in a good mood.

-     I felt more anxious in the 3rd day from the beginning of proving.

IP –I felt very emotional, almost crying, as it happened to me 15-maybe 30 years ago.

NG– panic increased by stress at the beginning of the proving. Unjustified anger. 

TM – being very upset without a reason, fears do not being rejected.

-being more open to religion, having a good mood and leaving in harmony.

- Agitation, but having more control, especially during the winter holidays. 


EV - "I felt more excited than usual”

            -" I felt very nervous and anxious

            -" I felt calm and I was in a good mood by the end of the cure. 

DNA - "I felt very nervous"

            -"I am yelling loud when I am nervous"

DP – I felt very nervous at the beginning of proving than I was calmer and emotionally balanced.

ML – I felt very anxious before taking the remedy, but very calm and in a good mood, starting immediately after taking the cure;

            - I had a very swinging moods in the 3rd day of proving.

MI - "I had more courage, optimism and a good mood, at the beginning of treatment, than I felt tired of life from the 12th day of proving.

CO - "I was very dissatisfied with me, disappointed by the others; I wanted to do more in my life”

            - "I become suddenly nervous without reason, I speak very loud”

FL -"in the first day of proving, around 1 p.m. I felt lightly depressed, and around 5-6 p.m. I felt a bit nervous, and at 9 p.m. I felt tired and very bored. ";

            - "I felt irascible around 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. in the second day of taking the remedy.”

            -  "I felt agitate in the 4th day of proving"

PD - "I have had emotions state and feelings from the adolescence (when I was in a mood for affectionate and love, very empathic with the people surrounding me,   impressiveness)"




PD       - sleepy

-romantic dreams, giving sensation to come true when wake up. 


SS – agitated sleep from the 4th day of treatment, which became normal when stopped taking the remedy.

BC –   I don’t have dreams forecasting bad experiences the next days before taking the remedy.

TC – I had dreams from the past

GV – erotic dreams from the 18th day of the first proving

 IIM – I dreamed an uncle who is dead

CO – erotic dreams

ST – colourfully and fantastic dreams

GO – erotic dreams (I cut my penis without worrying about this)

RDC – I dreamed that some people declared me their love

DNA – erotic dreams (being a lesbian)

VM – moderate sleepy  at 5 p.m. in the 5th day of proving, which she did not encountered up to then; she is a very energetic and hard working person.

- Insomnia from 2.30 a.m. to 5 a.m. in the 7th day of proving (aggravation of an  old symptom)

NG – very acute sleepy, a very good sleeps, very hard weak, “I dreamed I lost the train” 

TM – a very good sleep with lots of beautiful dreams remembering the childhood; “I wish they never end”

IP – sleepy in the beginning of treatment, dreamless sleep.

200 HC

EV – agitated sleep with dreams of being pursued and stressful events, by panic. 

DNA – erotic dreams, lesbian behaving .

ML – in the first 2-3 days she did not remember dreams (this is very rare for her), than she remembered

CO – erotic dreams in the third day of taking remedy

       - Dreams with lot of desires in the 4th day

       - Nightmare in the 5th day

FL – dreamed about running water cross; most of the dreams were about daily activities.



VNS - emphasis of the head ache with a migraine character

30 CH

SS - „tension, pressure in the head” in the first 2 days of the administration of the remedy

DC - „my head just lightened/cleared”

TC - „the feeling of big head, with an interior rumble, dizziness on the 5th day of proving;

- The feeling of heavy head” in the 11th day of proving

- “The feeling of fainting with a deaf headache” in the 13th day

IR - emphasis of frontal cephalic area ache;

     - Stiffness of the neck with crashes at its mobilization (aggravated old symptoms)

GV - frontal and occipital cephalic ache (aggravated old symptoms)

IIM - light cephalic ache

GS - light cephalic ache

CO - frontal cephalic ache, temporal, over orbital, occipital either with a pressure character, or like a nail, in the right or left temple feeling;

      - Sensitivity to draught

ST - frontal cephalic ache repressive in the first days with irradiation towards the orbits

RDN - occipital cephalic ache like a pressure

DP - headaches as pricks aggravated by the cold draught

SG - headache at awakening in the fourth day; per ensemble the headaches are extremely diminished

RDC - the feeling of burn in the head with sweat on the face and blush since the 2nd day until the 13th day

DNA - deaf headache at the forehead level since the 7th and the 9th day

          - Pulsation pains with twinges in the entire head aggravated at bent, uneaten and non – drink at time, amelioration at pressure since the 22nd day of proving

CL - frontal cephalic ache especially in the afternoon, either after lunch or afternoon sleep, or the feeling of pressure in the temples in the 7th, 9th and 21st day

MLL - persistent cephalic ache with the feeling of pressure like a vice at the bilateral temporal level as if the head is pin down with a strap since the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th day

RE - the feeling of heavy head, of giddiness as if after a party night or insufficient sleep after the administration of remedy at the beginning, it lasted in 20 - 25 minutes then it past faster;

        - The feeling that something heavy is pressing over the head on the last day of administration (the 3rd day of proving)

VM - discreet diffuse cephalic ache since the 2nd day of proving

IO - the feeling of heavy head and repressive like a heavy weight on the head which vanished until it disappeared during the first days of proving, appearing again on the 8th day of proving

- A wave of heat feeling as if it overflows the head, although the hands and feet are cold, with half an hour ago I felt shivers on the 2nd and the 3rd day of proving

GO - the feeling of pressure from the inside to outside on vertex; sensitivity to draught.

IP - occipital ache/pain

NL – ache/pain under the form of pressure on the forehead


DNA - frontal-occipital or migrant head pain on the 5th and 10th day of proving

CS - pulsating headaches in the morning and in the evening, with the feeling of pressure from the outside in the inside at the temple level and the scruff which does not give in at neither medicine;

ML - headaches visibly ameliorated in the third days of administration than vanished, on the 4th day continuing until menstruation and cold weather appeared when it was of low intensity

MI - temporal head ache

CO - head ache like a nail left temporal and parietal area

       - Front-occipital head ache with the feeling of nausea and vomiting, with the feeling of pressure from outside towards inside

FL - a light feeling of needles in the head on the 4th day of administration



CA - the burn feeling of the interior angle right eye level at a quarter past the administration of the remedy


BC - five minutes after the administration the feeling of clearance of the look, then a kind of bilateral grey-transparent hive of flying flies which vanished after 4 hours.

TC - sight disturbance (outline of deformed objects) on the 5th day of proving which quickly disappear, “eye pain on the 13th day of proving”

CO - “pain of the ocular globe, like a pressure”

       - The feeling of smartness and of foreign object plus unclear sight;

      - “I can’t carry my hair in the pony tail because of the headaches”;

      - “Outside diplopic feeling”

GO - smartness of the eyes during the first days

       - “Pain behind the left eye with the feeling of coldness in the eye”, on the 6th day

RDN - left eye sees unclear on the 2nd day of proving

         - Image like water film especially on the left half of the left eye, being on the trolleybus which diminished in the air and walk on the park” on the 8th day of proving

RDC - “pain with the feeling of irritability of the left eye on the 3rd, 15th and 16th day (as if my eye augmented)”

         - The feeling of white stain on the right eye” on the 7th and the 13th day

DNA - smartness of the eyes during the flu symptoms

      - Right eye pain

RE - “fogginess of sight at the same time with the heavy head feeling”

OC - “smartness of the left eye as conjunctivitis”

IO - “smartness of eyes”

    - “Left eye pains like a pressure”


DNA - emphasis of the superior lid oedemas in the interior angle of the eye, with 

emphasis of the itching (aggravation of an old symptom)

ML - amelioration of the smartness of the eyes that I had had before the proving

MI - emphasis of the eye pains

CO - predominantly left ocular globe pains;

     - Eyelids instalments;

     Much more reposed eyes at the computer during the first days

FL - eye fatigue much emphasized after proving (verbal declaration after proving)



GS - ecophene in the left ear in the 2nd day of proving


IIN - stab behind right ear

GS - ecophene right ear

CO - “corked ears, which slopped at the nose blowing”

      - Pains like a knife either on the left ear, or the right alternating at a week;

      - Itch in the hearing conduct

RDC - “pain accompanied with the feeling of pressure in the left year” on the 4th, 6th, 7th and 14th day

DNA - right ear corked, pressure pains, ecophene, and cracks of the ear cartilage in the period of flu symptoms (6th - 16th day of proving)

IO - right ear neuralgia with the eye and right part of the head

GS – ecophene in the left ear

NI - painful pricks in the left ear between 10 a.m. and 19 p.m.


CO - “pain in the left ear which descends to the mandible”

      - “Ecophene



CA – watery rhynoreea that appeared in the night of the first administration of the remedy and persisted for a few days


IR - nasal obstruction/watery rhynoreea in the 14th day of proving with amelioration

GV - nasal secretion with an influenza condition on the 3rd day of the first proving

CO - rhynoreea, corked nose;

      - Rhynoreea at defecation and at house entry;

      - Nasal itch;

      - Sneezing since the beginning of the administration which also repeated at the second proving

GO - “congestion of the nasal mucus area preponderant right without obstruction”

       - “Adherent nasal secretions which seared and irritate the nasal mucus from the inside and induced pain at removal” in the first day of proving

DNA - nose smartness, corked nose either on the left or on the right, watery rhynoreea, sneezing, during the period with influenza symptoms (6th until 15th day of proving)

IO – corked nose, sneezing, rhynoreea as in influenza, symptoms which I had had before which diminished after the administration of the remedy

NL - sneezing, aqueous rhynoreea


CO - corked nose alternating with watery rhynoreea;

- “Creeps and fascicles preponderant above the right nostril

- Nasal itch



TC - “the face is red and I fell the heat emitting, I’ve never had this feeling before” on the 5th day of proving

OMO - “very painful herpes and pimple near the right inferior lip edge”, since the 3rd until the 10th day.

CO - “pains in the left temporal-mandible articulation”

      - “Irritation around the mouth with the feeling of smartness”

ST - “the feeling of burning heat especially on the face after drinking beer”

RDN - “emphasis of the brown spots on the face.”

RDC - “on the 21st day appears a reddish area, inflammation on the cheekbones; it happened in the same way when I followed a detoxification treatment for colon and gall”

         - Reddening of the face with a feeling of burning”

DNA - “the feeling of web, that I have something in my hair or at the root of my hair (a spider or a spider’s web) at the left corner of the edge of face hair then the feeling of dizziness like a slight paralysis on the temple and towards the right ear”

         - “Curb on the right corner of the mouth”

         -“Pains in the temporal-mandible articulation.”

IO - I feel a heat on my face with reddening”

NLG - slight swelling under the eye towards the cheekbones.

200 CH

CO - “itch at the face level”



TC - “the tongue more charged as usual at the beginning of the proving then it has cleaned up”

     - “The feeling of vomiting and morning bitter taste”

    - Nocturnal salivation is accentuated”

    - “I have the feeling that I have a bad breath (I have nobody to ask I noticed from the reaction of the people I talk to) that upsets me”, on the 10th day of proving;

    - “The gums are bleeding when brushing”

GV - Toothaches at the 2nd proving

CO - “metallic taste in my mouth” on the 1st day of the first proving, then dry mouth or bitter taste in my mouth;

       -Emphasis of the dental aches”

       - “Smartness on the tip of my tongue with the papilla hyper withered, red” since the 13th day of proving;

      - “Erosion and smartness in the rough palace”, since the 1st day of proving.

RDC - “the feeling of smartness on the edge of the tongue with rash and blush” on the 4th day then it disappears at the centre and towards the base of the tongue on the 10th and 11th days of proving

DNA - metallic taste in the mouth on the 1st day of proving;

         - Erosion on the right corner of the mouth on the 7th day

IP - brackish taste, then sweetish

NLG - gums bleeding;

         - Tooth aches which irradiated towards the throat, ear and up towards the temple and forehead.


MI - accentuation of the toothaches and of gums bleeding.

CO - at the beginning amelioration of the dental pains then their accentuation at cold and sweet sensitivity



DR - the feeling of irritate dryness (as if I had dust or sand in my throat) in the pharynx, with a dry cough, strongly irritating with a 30 minute break - two hours, having the feeling that the air is too cold when entering in the pharynx no matter if the air is inspired through the nose or mouth.


BC - “the feeling of throat knot as if a little piece of bread had remained or a little food fragment in the Adam’s apple area” on the 2nd day of proving; aggravated at gulp down which persisted for 2-3 days

TC - “dry cough, the feeling of tickling and of throat knot” since the 3rd day of proving

       - “Expectoration, grey-greenish mucus corks, since the 9th day of proving

IR - “smartness in the throat, right tonsil augmented on the 14th day of proving with amelioration in 2 days”

OMD - at the first proving “throat pains like swallowing discomfort” on the 1st day since the administration, at the right tonsil then the second day the left tonsil together with the disappearance of the symptoms from the 3rd day”

         - At the second proving - “central throat pain under the form of irritation, burn or particularly sand in the throat which eventually moved towards right on the first day of administration of the remedy”

GV - pharynx tonsillitis with mucus-purulent secretions at the first and second proving

      - Minimum expectoration cough

CO - throat pains with the feeling of tickling”

      - Thick secretion in the pharynx”

      - Throat knot”

RDN - sputa, morning expectoration diminished on the 7th day and becoming darker on the 17th day.

RDC - the hoarseness, that the patient had, disappeared on the 6th day of proving;

         - Expectoration, the feeling of pharynx loaded with mucus, on the 10th day

DNA - “smartness in the throat in the morning together with a pain angle of his mandible”

CL - “smartness of the throat” during the first days

IO - the expectoration that the patient had before the proving will diminish more and it will eventually disappeared towards the end of the proving; “dry cough”

IP - “the feeling of heat at the level of the trachea”

     - “Rebel cough”

HL - “bad throat secretion”

TM - secretion in the throat area”


DNA - “the feeling of smartness, like a discomfort. Then like a tickling in the throat which induces a heckling cough sometimes with an expectoration, other times dry, irritating until regurgitation”

CO - “itch at the throat level”

      - “Pain and swelling under the left mandible”

      - Smartness in the throat on the 8th day

      - Cough



PD - unstable alimentary appetite. Increased appetite that alternates with the desire for chicken, coffee, fruit and spicy food

RD - increased appetite at 10-11 a.m.


TC - “absent hunger, absent thirst” since the 2nd day of proving (before, the patient was suffering of bulimia, the thirst was the same as before, but not as absent)

IR - increased appetite (gained 3 kg during the proving)

     - Appetite for chocolate

OMD - the feeling of nausea on the first 30 minutes after the administration of the first proving and nausea with the feeling of vomiting and gall colic on the 3rd day of the second proving

          - Increased appetite

CO - increased appetite in the first part of the day and at lunch during the first and second proving

      - Appetite for bread, coffee and onion

      - Thirst nausea

      - Vinegar smell nausea (I didn’t feel the need to taste vinegar in this interval, I usually had a lot)

ST - increased appetite “feeling of a slight augmentation of the gastric tartness denoted by excessive hunger” since the first day of the administration of the remedy

GO - decreased appetite at the beginning and then increased “I ate more than usual without having the feeling of nausea”; “I put on 5 kg weight during proving”

      - Appetite for milk, honey and apples

      - Absence of thirst in the first days

RDN - a little liver nausea in the morning and after the afternoon nap; the nausea appeared since the 2nd day of proving

SV - morning nausea in the 2nd day of proving

RDC - the feeling of hunger (increase of appetite) in the first days, since the 3rd day appears the feeling of hunger after the patient starts eating

DNA - increased appetite, resists with difficulty at hunger with sensation of nausea and ill condition, like stomach cramps and headaches

         - Diminished thirst

CL - eager to eat around 11 a.m. in the first days

      - Nausea with the feeling of dizziness at the smell of freshly grinded coffee

VM - lack of appetite for the entire period of the proving as before the patient had an increased appetite

IO - the feeling of hunger at 6 o’clock in the 3rd day of the administration of the remedy

GS - appetite slightly increased

IP - increased appetite

NL - increased appetite at the beginning of administration afterwards it recovered.

TM - a permanent feeling of hunger and lack of thirst


DNA - “accentuation of hunger especially at 10.30 a.m., 19 - 20 p.m. with the feeling of lack of energy”

         - “Painful hunger”

        - “I am full quickly, but I get hungry often”

CS - “nausea with a state of weakness since the 4th day of proving

ML - painful and exaggerated hunger starting the 4th day of proving coming on a fund of lack of appetite.

CO - increased appetite, hunger non-ameliorated by food, the feeling of frequently painful hunger, nausea of hunger after physical effort.

FL - before the proving the patient had an increased hunger; after the administration the patient does not describe this symptom anymore, but since the first day around 10 a.m. after he had eaten consistently enough, he felt chill/cold and fatigue for around 20-25 minutes

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