Study at Geranium Robertianum

after Dr. Masi method

made by AFADH and ARADH Villefort July 2006

author : Dr. Angelica Noica Dumitrescu

Method Dr. Masi is a reasonable and ordered method for study a pathogenesis of remedies which help to identification more exactly the central problem of the remedy or of the respective case and of the phases of this evolution through introduction the term of miasmatic dynamics. Dr. Masi consider that every case or remedy have a primary psoric suffering and a reaction mode to this suffering suitable for interactions game between the environment and the subject. This primary psoric suffering is in fact mistake sensation to lose an human aptitude like for example sensation to be incapable or fragile, etc, which create an mental handicap against that the person will defend how he will can, with all energy who have, with obstacles or helps by his environment which he live. There is 3 types of reactions:

1)                  Reaction of victorious fight, said ego trophy.

First try of the person will be the reaction of not recognize this handicap through negation of this aptitude not in a normal manner but compulsive. There is two grade of ego trophy:

Ø                In ego trophy 1° grade: he will consume all the energy of life to prove him self and others that he don’t lost this aptitude.

Ø                In ego trophy  2°grade : he will contempt this human aptitude which have impression that he don’t have because he will replace with a superior aptitude, superhuman, “divine”, perfect at the beginning time which don’t need effort for development and which represent Divine Attribute wished.

2)                  Reaction of failure of the fight or ego lyses.

If the environment oppose to his ego trophy reaction or discourage him, the subject risk to ease the pain leaving the fight for development of this aptitude in a auto destruction process or ego lyses recognize his mistake sensation of lost it.

3)                  Reaction of destruction of others or heterolysis, is reaction of defense through which blame others make them responsible by own suffer or make other to fill he have the same handicap like him.

Any remedy or any person can be in any phase of pathogeneses, which  are the phases of the same remedy.

As regards to the present case, the French Association for Thoroughgoing Study of the Hahnemann Doctrine, represented by Dr. Simone Fayeton, as well as the working group of the Romanian Association of the Thoroughgoing Study of the Hahnemann Doctrine, represented by Dr. Geo Savulescu and me, analyzed the pathogenesis that I achieved from the proving realized during 2003-2005 on a 44 provers sample, for several periods and potencies, have reached the following conclusions:

Geranium Robertianum is a remedy for the bohemian people, who are immature, childish, follow no rules and responsibilities, people who are outbalanced when ever they meet obstacles.

-        In Ego lyses - The person looses self-confidence, feels dirty, ugly and not quite smart. He/she isolates him/herself, tries to be unobserved by others, cries easily, is depressed in the evening, and has no wish both for movement and reaction. This individual has a painful acceptance of humiliation, is clumsy and slipping objects, easily cuts him/herself. He/she has the perception of ‘soft’ legs, , cannot easily communicate, seams a lump in the throat, and feels like ‘misty’ head with faints view .

-        In 1° Ego trophy - The person has a compulsion to conform to rules, to life exams, and for this he/she focuses so that entire energy is spent. At the beginning, his/her energy is very high, with impressive achievements, while having the sensation that he/she is capable to achieve many things.

-        In 2° Ego trophy - The person needs no rules, feels perfectly free in conjunction with rules and social norms, like punctuality in meetings. He/she doesn’t care about someone else’s opinion, feels detached, everything flows, everything looks accessible and easy, self-confidence above all him/her achieving is absolute, he/she likes him/herself as he/she is, has good communication with many people around, in good mood, is relaxed, freed, optimistic. He/she has high levels of creativity and inspiration, fearless curiosity, increased courage. The men have sexual contacts with lots of sperm and multi-orgasms, erotic dreams, good sight, etc. Briefly, he/she feels chuffed and doesn’t stand for humiliation through rules imposed by others.

-        In Hetero lyses – The person criticizes aggressively on others, but being afraid to be criticized (big fear of aggression), intransigent with the others, high irascibility, impatient, cannot hear discussions about others’ problems, has bad communication. He has sexual perversions wishes, dreams about cutting his penis with all serenity.

The Divine Attribute coveted by this remedy:

-         It wants the plenitude / achievement of fulfillment through self – illumination.

-         God has the plenitude without being given by others.

Healing will be achieved when good communication / relationship with the others will be achieved, without the perception of being aggressed.

For more details, please see the complete description from the National Congress for Homeopathy copy-book.